Leica Myself



LEICA MYSELF is a compelling collectible photography book showcasing the world-wide enthusiasm for the Leica brand through the inspired self-portraits of thousands of Leica aficionados. Leica cameras have been used to take self-portraits since the invention of the compact camera by Oskar Barnack in 1913 and this book is a celebration of that legacy. LEICA MYSELF pays homage to Leica owners across the globe who shared their passion for Leica cameras by submitting self-portraits with their cameras in hand.

Edited by Till Schaffarczyck and Rainer Schillings, LEICA MYSELF serves as an unparalleled, unique perspective of the “Leica Universe.” The captivating photographs and text depict fleeting moments in time—both bizarre and mundane—in the lives of Leica photographers across the globe. These one-of-a-kind expressive entries include anecdotes, observations, dates, locations, jokes, and even poetry, that when accompanied by the powerful images, offers readers a unique glimpse into the private lives of everyday people from all over the world.