C041003003 - Field Jacket ORIGINAL - Black - M

Cooph Field Jacket ORIGINAL - Black - M



The Feature Packed Assistant for All Seasons

COOPH Field Jackets are the ultimate all year, multi purpose assistants. Crafted from waterproof, 100% cotton fabric and built to support freedom of movement, they keep you comfortable and pack features for shooting.

EtaProof® fabric from Swiss weaving mill Stotz was originally used to create overalls for British Hurricane pilots during the Second World War. The waterproof material protected them from early hypothermia after plunging into the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean, and gave pilots a fair chance of survival. The protective gear was also comfortable to wear, both in the cockpit and during the long hours of waiting for assignments. It’s the perfect COOPH fabric – cut, hand-crafted and sewn in Poland –making it a truly European product.

    Special Features:
  • Cut for optimal movement
  • Large outer pockets
  • Hidden zippable pockets
  • Quick access smartphone pocket
  • Light, breathable construction
  • Waterproof and windproof Stotz EtaProof® cotton fabric