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Since the release of the Leica M3 at Photokina in 1954, every single M-System camera has represented the pinnacle of innovation for its day. Defined by what is essential for photography. Leica embodies this passion for quality, craftsmanship and its philosophy of photography to this day. More than 60 years of rangefinder expertise, 11 years of digital M-Camera development and invaluable feedback from dedicated M-Photographers have inspired Leica engineers to create the slimmest digital M of all time: the Leica M10.

july 23 - 10am to 5pm

Leica M Owners workshop

A hands-on workshop for current owners of the Leica M. Owners shoot with their own cameras and learn practical skills to enhance their M experience with a professional Leica Akademie instructor.

This session will help ensure that you are making the most of the capabilities of the M. The Leica Akademie instructor will lead you through understanding the menu system, recommended settings and step by step tips to help you increase the accuracy of your metering and speed of focus.

The workshop is arranged with a flexible schedule, so the group can organically discuss and share feedback, based on their unique areas of interest or desired areas of improvement. Having personal access to a seasoned Leica Akademie instructor will give you an unparalleled opportunity to ask tough questions and receive practical attention.

In order to put theory into practice, you’ll venture out on a shoot in the local area, giving you the chance to acquire expert advice while in the field – expanding your skills, working techniques and confidence while shooting.

Registration is filling up fast, click here for more info.

A century of knowledge has come to life


More than a century of experience in the development of long-range viewing instruments, microscopes and cameras has led to a new family of Leica premium binoculars: the Noctivid binoculars. They feature compact dimensions as well as stylish and elegant design and are at the same time incredibly robust and resilient.

August 18-20

Street Photography Weekend with Nicolas Pinto

Join the Leica Akademie in Seattle for a Street Photography weekend with photographer Nicholas Pinto!

Designed to provide inspiration to both experienced and up and coming photographers, this program provides the opportunity to receive hands-on critical feedback, both in the classroom and on the street.

Leica M cameras have been synonymous with classic street photography ever since the first Leica M was brought forth in 1954, this program continues the tradition, focusing on the essence of both the technical aspects and the creative approaches to Street Photography.

The weekend format will kick off with an evening lecture on Friday night and the chance to check out Leica gear for the entire workshop. Saturday will include both morning and afternoon shooting sessions, concluding with a review of the images made. Sunday the group with come together to review the pictures taken, as well as a group critique.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Leica Akademie.



"Mapping The West" by Vince Lupo

Current Exhibition

Experience Vince Lupo discovering the "Spirit of the West" through sixteen of his outstanding black and white photographs on exhibit through Saturday, May 27.

Invisible Hour

Oskar Barnack Wall Selection For May

Visit Leica Store Bellevue to see the winning print by Invisible Hour!

Between 1913 and 1914 Oskar Barnack was the head of Development at the Ernst Leitz Optische Werk, a German manufacturer of microscopes and binoculars. During that time Oskar make a prototype camera (now known as the "UR Leica") that took photos using 35mm film. The camera was successful, but because of World War 1 it was not introduced to the public until 1925 when the "Leica" camera met with great success. This first Leica is recognized as the first commercially successful 35mm camera and its introduction changed the world of photography.

In the spirit of the father of 35mm photography, the "Oskar Barnack Wall" will showcase one photographic print per month taken by a Leica Photographer. You can enter your own works by sharing them to our Oskar Barnack Wall Flickr Pool.

Leica Akademie Events


This spring, summer, and fall, the Leica Akademie has you covered with seven separate events in the Seattle area. Whether your interest is in travel, street, or portrait photography.. or just making fantastic prints.. there is a program for you!

July 22 - Portrait Fundamentals - Register
July 23 - M Owners Workshop - Register
August 18-20 - Street Photography Weekend with Nick Pinto - Register
October 13th - Leica Lecture series - Moments of Human Condition - Art Institute of Seattle: Free with RSVP
October 13-15th - Masterclass weekend with Peter Turnely - Register

To learn more and to see the entire international calendar for Leica Akademie events, please visit